The Best 17 books on Marketing

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What are the best books in marketing? Today, Marketing is a pretty big spectrum of disciplines. Most outsiders to marketing associate it with advertising, which is understandable – it has been the most prominent discipline for a long while. However, […]

My 10 Commandments

My 9 Commandments for Life As I am writing this, I am reading currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Not because I am particularly unfortunate on unhappy with my current state or situation. Let’s just say I am content, […]

Should you go to Business School?

business school

Should you go to business school? Business Schools have gained increasingly popularity the last decade, perhaps because the millennials (myself included) are now entering graduate level educations. One of the trends influencing a great deal of the Millennials’ actions is the […]

What I learned from reading What The Dog Saw

What I learned from reading What The Dog Saw Malcolm Gladwell is known for his way of taking complex scientific articles and making them palatable for the public. He identifies the hidden rules that govern our daily lives and presents to […]

How to use Live Video Streaming in your branding

If you haven’t heard about live video streaming, it is, in short, a feature that is now available on the major social networks, that lets you connect with your friends and followers via live video streaming from your phone or webcam. For […]

3 Books that will Enhance Your Memory

If you have seen the series ‘Sherlock’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch, you most likely remember the Mind Palace. However, this isn’t fiction. In fact, it is very much reality for some, and with a little training, you can be able to […]

3 Best Books on Success

A lot of books out there promises to teach you how to get wealthy, fast or how to gain power and success in 10 steps. But a thing most of these authors do not realize is that there are analyzing […]

10 must-read books for Millennials

What are the 10 must-read books during the ages of 21-25? I was asked this question on Quora. The answer got over 374k views and 4k likes. So I think a lot of people are thinking about is read […]

What is Art?

What is Art? Have you ever been to a museum, walking around the museum, looking at all the art – and felt nothing. You stop at a painting, that catches your eye, there is something intriguing about it that is […]