3 books that increase both creativity and intelligence

What are some books I can read to increase my intellectual ability as well as my creativity?

Moonwalking with Einstein

This is first book I recommend to people who want to enhance their cognitive abilities, both intellectually and creatively. It is not going to provide you with a lot of mind tricks and memory hacks, but it is going to give you a foundation of how the mind, intellect and creative thinking works. On his journey to the American Memory Championship, Foer reflects on the mind, intellect and creativity and come to some good insights e.g. intellect is like a web, the more you know the more you canknow; and how creativity is new combinations of things that already exists, so that means that if you know the things you can connect them in new way. He explains it better, so read it.


This is Malcolm Gladwell’s book on the mind, and he interviews a lot of really intellectual people, specialists within their craft. In brief, Gladwell goes to show that experience plays a huge role in how we perceive certain areas of our life intellectually or … well, stupidly.


This is the book with all the tips and the tricks. Probably the book your have been waiting for. Do you want to be like Sherlock Holmes, and make cool mind palaces in your head? Then this is it. It comes last for a reason, because reading the two others first will make this book much more digestible. I have passed multiple exams by applying the theories in this, and have completely eliminated note cards at presentations, so I definitely recommend you go buy this.

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