5 Prediction of the Future of Marketing


No one can predict the future, but that is certainly not going to stop me from trying. The truth is, you need to bet on some horse, and these are the horses my money are on.

1. Live Video

Prediction: If you market to people, you need a Live Video, like yesterday

I have written about Live Video and how companies can use it in their marketing before. That is because I truly believe this is a game-changer. Live video is probably the oldest of all the technologies listed here. All big social media platforms have been investing heavily in this technology, and it is not just to accommodate teenage girls. Live Video will most likely become one of the biggest channels to customers relation and lead generation in the future, as people crave more authenticity and raw content.

2. Beacons

Prediction: The selling in stores will be left to computers

If your livelihood depends on a physical store, you have most likely heard about beacon (if not, you are probably living under a rock). However, few consumers have yet to experience the benefits and stores seem to be slow adapters for this. Yet, the possibilities have just scratched the surface.

To briefly explain, imagine you are working into a store, and you look at a pair of shoes. As you consider whether to buy them, you get a notification saying that you have received a coupon of 20% on the shoes your are standing with. You decide not to purchase, but as you leave the store, you get another notification saying that next time you visit you get 40% of any purchase. That is what beacons can do. Check out Estimote to learn more.

3. Niche Social Media

Prediction: Increase in niche social medias more than generic social medias

We now live with well-established social media, most prominently Facebook and Twitter (everyone has one). Than we have semi specific networks that are still for everyone, but preferred by more distinct groups e.g. LinkedIn (professionals), Instagram (tweens), Quora (experts). But next, we will have super-niche social medias. A social media solely for people who work-out, people who share feminist beliefs, or people who love Harry Potter. These super-specific social networks will increase in numbers, and everyone will in the end be able to find like-minded to share their interest with. 

4. Super-charged open-API Cartels

Prediction: Connectivity becomes alpha omega for SaaS companies

Connectivity have been well-known in the electronic world, when the concept is that your speaker have to be able to connect to both iPhones, Androids and Windows Phones. But the B2B SaaS industry seem to think that every company is an island. However, the ones that will win in the future is the ones that realize that it is no longer a matter of geography of culture - you market is dependent on what you integrate to in the future.

5. Direct Messaging

Prediction: Direct Communication will see a comeback

When you heard direct marketing you might think it is something from the 90's. And yes, for many younger segments mails are the least appealing form of communication they can imaging. But social media present a new opportunity for direct communication - or at least it puts new energy into the discipline. Now it is just called direct messaging, instead of direct mail. The challenge is scale-ability, but the future is personification and authenticity.


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