3 Best Books on Success


A lot of books out there promises to teach you how to get wealthy, fast or how to gain power and success in 10 steps. But a thing most of these authors do not realize is that there are analyzing their own process to where they are now, making their analysis greatly subjective.

Personal success cannot necessarily be repeated by the vast majority of people, by following the footsteps of one person. People are different, and tactics and strategies that have worked for one person might work differently for the next. If you are interested in knowing how success really comes to be, these are three books that you should consider mandatory.

  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – In his book, Malcolm Gladwell questions the root to success. The book is a symphony of surprising studies and analysis of road taken by some of the most successful people in the world. He goes into why intelligence is important, but only to a certain extent, why the time of your birth have an impact on your future success and how luck plays a bigger part than we are willing to accept.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – One of the very first accepted studies in success, and it still holds to this day. Napoleon Hill identifies 13 traits found in highly successful individuals throughout history. For people who like listicles and this is an excellent book on the subject of success.
  • Mastery by Robert Greene – After reading the previously mentioned books, you might think that that should be all there is to it – and then Robert Greene joins the party. The focus of mastery is mostly in the difficult years and role and importance of the mentor – a subject which the previous books only touch very lightly (if at all) upon. The book is filled with historical anecdotes of successful people ranging from Da Vinci to modern bioengineers. His analysis is thorough and he identifies universal traits across time.

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