The Introvert Salesman: How Introversion Can Become A Salesman’s Biggest Asset


The Introvert Salesman: How Introversion Can Become A Salesman’s Biggest Asset

What would happen if an introvert took a sales job? Well, full disclosure, I personally score 53% introvert on the Myers-Briggs personality test, and I have been working in sales for a year now.

I have experience in marketing, where I am used keep track of every parameter there is to keep track off. However, one thing nagged me about working in marketing.

I felt lost whenever I had to explain to clients why some campaign or some social media post didn’t get likes or go viral. It nagged me because, honestly, I didn’t know. I couldn’t explain.

So, For about a year ago, without no prior knowledge in the craft of sales, I took a job in selling software to get closer to the consumer (and hoped to get more extrovert in the process).

Yet, I approach the job like a true introvert - cramped a couple of sales bibles, and completely I avoided picking up the phone. How the f*ck was I supposed to reach me sales quotes?

After a while of voracious study I had to do something, so I applied what I knew how to do, and began with email marketing.

I tracked everything in detail; open rates, response rates, click rates on everything from the subject line and call-to-actions to tone-of-voice and the copy length - and all possible combinations of all of them.

I tried every strategy, tactic, and bamboozle I could find in the book. I signed up for all the sales gurus newsletter (and some icons like Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi) to get tips and study how they were doing.

And guess what: I prevailed. Not only did I survive, I reach my quotas, I perfected my approach to email marketing, and most important of all, I learned more about what drives consumer behavior, than I ever did in a business school classroom.

You can find my results in my previous article How do you get prospects to open your email.

I want to conclude that I did not succeed in spite of my introversion, but because of it. If I had forced myself to pick up the phone and start cold canvas, I would most likely be in another job now.

This was a small example, but it illustrate one important point - let your weakness become your strengths. Take your life, and glue the pieces together with golden glue.

Using your weakness as your biggest asset is what makes you, and each and every one of us unique.