The Spinning Plates


As the street performer puts the first plate on the pole, it spins beautifully - balance and momentum become one as it is as horizontal as the horizon. Not a moment of hesitation, not a wobble. The pole is perfectly placed in the center of the plate, and the street performer moves his attention to juggling while the plate spins. The audience is cheering.

But now, what happens. The plate loses its momentum. It starts turning slower and slower, and the pole starts moving from the center of the plate, slowly. The plate starts to wobble a little in a desperate attempt to stabilize itself. If the street performer is too busy juggling or is distracted by the cheers of the crowd now standing around him, he will not have time to notice that the plate is slowly losing its speed, and the plate will fall and shatter into a million pieces.

What he needs to do is to stop juggling, just for a moment, and pay attention to the plate. He needs to grab the pole, and swing it to the edge of the plate, losing all balance, in order for it to gain speed and moment once again.

We are the plate, the street performer our attention, the juggling our daily tasks, the crowd our friends and family. The pole, our life decisions. We too will often find our self in a comfortable position. We feel in balance, we are horizontal and have momentum and speed. But soon, what gave us speed and momentum becomes routine, and it begins to slow us down. If we do not pay attention, because we are too busy with daily trivia and pleasing our peers, we fail to see that we wobble, before it is too late. We fall, we shatter. But if we once in a while, stop to pay attention we can recognize in time, that we are out of balance, that we slowing down in our comfort, and that we need to attend to our inwards self, just for a moment. Just like the plate, we too must sacrifice our balance in order to gain speed and momentum. We must take a radical decision, break the pattern of our daily routine, discover a new side of ourselves, take risks, walk on the unstable ground, in order to once again gain momentum. We must put ourselves out of balance momentarily, in order gain balance in the future.